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Drug and alcohol abuse effects everyone

Substance abuse is the overindulgence in and dependence on a chemical, alcohol, drugs and inhalants, leading to effects that are harmful and detrimental to a person’s physical and mental health, and is harmful to those around them.

Substance abuse leads to addiction or substance dependence. The physiologic dependence, drug and alcohol dependency requires the development of tolerance leading to withdrawal symptoms.

There is a difference in both abuse and dependence from addiction. Addiction involves a compulsion to continue using the substance (IE: drugs and alcohol) despite the negative consequences. This abuse may or may not involve chemical dependency. Dependence almost always implies abuse, but abuse frequently occurs without dependence. This occurs when a person first begins to abuse a substance. Dependence is a physical processes while substance abuse effects everybody, the substance abuser and society.

Drug addiction is a disorder pathological in nature. The disease of drug addiction is the advancement of severe drug use to the progression of drug-seeking behavior, the susceptibility of relapse, and the decreased, slowed capability to react to naturally rewarding stimuli.

There are three categorized stages of addiction to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV); Preoccupation/anticipation, binge/intoxication, and withdrawal/negative affect.

You can characterized these stages in this order, constant cravings and preoccupation with finding the drugs or alcohol; using more of the drugs or alcohol than necessary to become the intoxicated; and building up a tolerance, withdrawal symptoms as well as decreased motivation and enthusiasm for every day life.

Substance abuse and drug addiction is a serious problem in our country. If you would like information on substance abuse and drug addiction or if you would like to know how to spot substance abuse and drug addiction in some one you love please check out these links below.

The Mayo Clinic: While not everyone who uses drugs becomes addicted, many people do. Drug addiction involves compulsively seeking to use a substance, regardless of the potentially negative social, psychological and physical consequences. Certain drugs are more likely to cause physical dependence than are others.

Drug Abuse and Addiction: You might be wondering why on earth your loved one seems to be choosing drugs over family. You might be struggling with finances, or even from the painful realization your loved one is in trouble with the law. Or you might be asking yourself why you are taking drugs again, when you swore just a few hours ago that you needed to cut down.

Project Know Help Line: Drug addiction can be a complex subject, particularly if all you’ve heard about it comes secondhand from other addicts. These days, much of this nation is confused about the causes and most effective treatments of drug addiction, and the surest way to perpetuate poor care is to parrot any method without examining its precepts. If you think you understand everything there is to know about drug addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction: Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic. Many people have become addicted to prescription drugs because they are so readily available. Furthermore, the media have recently uncovered the popularity of prescription drug abuse among celebrities.

Prescription drug abuse can and has become a serious problem affecting people of all ages and demographics. However, treatments are available for those who abuse prescription drugs, and addicted individuals should seek medical attention immediately.

Addiction | Unite Bikers Against Drugs

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